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The most authentic coffee you’ll ever taste, launching summer 2024!

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Most of world’s coffee is shipped as raw beans and roasted in consumer countries, keeping profits away from where it’s grown. This reduces freshness and flavor, and leaves farmers with less. Join us on a mission to change that.

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Why roasted at origin?

Roasting coffee at its origin preserves the true essence of its terroir—the unique flavors shaped by the local climate, soil, and cultivation practices.

The coffee was harvested within days after harvest, carefully managed to maintain quality standards thanks to close proximity between farm and roastery and finally roasted by some of the best coffee roasters in the world.

Freshest coffee you’ll ever taste

Fresh, but in a good way. Our coffees are roasted shortly after harvest, unlike most coffee beans that may spend weeks or even months in transit before reaching the roastery. We want you to enjoy your coffee when it’s at its freshest, offering the most vibrant flavors and aromas.

Authentic flavors, true to origin

Ever wondered how people in coffee origin countries enjoy their daily cup of coffee? By choosing roasted-at-origin coffee we all help preserve each region’s coffee culture. What you’ll taste is a coffee that tells a story of its country of origin.

Empower people at the origin

Your daily cup of coffee can make a difference. By choosing our roasted-at-origin coffee, you are directly supporting the economies and communities in coffee-producing regions. Your choice ensures fair wages, sustainable practices, and reinvestment in local infrastructure.

Our coffee beans

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About us

Hey there! We are Beean.

We’re travelers at heart who’s beean to many places, fueled by our passion for exceptional coffee and a deep desire to explore the world. We are on a mission to uncover these hidden treasures, seeking out roasteries with unique stories, remarkable craftsmanship, and unparalleled dedication to their craft.