Roasted at origin coffee beans

All our coffees are roasted by a specialty coffee roaster in the country of origin, ensuring optimal freshness and quality control thanks to the short distance from farm to roastery.

We are so excited for our first origin country to be Indonesia which has been recently making its name in the world of specialty coffee and is home to some world-class specialty coffee roasters.


Where do you ship from?

Specialty coffee beans shipped from Denmark

Beean is a small coffee company born in Aarhus, Denmark. After traveling to various coffee origin countries we were amazed by the outstanding quality and dedication of some of the local specialty coffee roasters.

We started asking ourselves a question, how are they able to produce such a high quality and tasty coffee? The answer turned out to be quite complex but one of the reasons it that it’s so easy for them to travel to coffee farms in their region, meet and talk to the farmers (in their native language), try those coffees and roast them freshly after crop.

What roast style can I expect?

Light roasted coffee, exclusively for beean

Inspired by Aarhus, Denmark and Nordic roasting style, we take pride in our exclusive partnerships with roasters who are fluent in the art of light-roasting, catering to the discerning palates of people in the Nordics and coffee enthusiasts across Europe.

With a commitment to ongoing dialogue and collaboration, we fine-tune our roast profiles to meet the unique preferences of the Danish coffee scene, delivering a consistently delightful cup every time. Explore the world of light-roasted coffee with beean and elevate your coffee experience to new heights in Denmark, Nordics and beyond.

We’re in an ongoing dialogue with our roasters to ensure a consistent and the most delicious coffees for you, ready to take a sip?

How do you keep your coffee fresh?

Freshly roasted coffee, always at peak freshness

We want you to enjoy the coffee at the peak freshness. Our roasters always ship their coffee immediately after they roast it. This ensures that the coffee beans reach us in Denmark within 1-2 weeks after roast. This is a perfect timing for a light-roasted coffee to be stored in a vacuum sealed and frozen form in our storage in Aarhus which keep them fresh for an extended period of time.

At beean, we ensure that your coffee always leaves our doorstep in Denmark at peak freshness and hits you when it’s ready to be brewed. All you have to do is to enjoy those delicious roasted at origin coffees!