La Cabra New York

Living in Aarhus, Denmark, for a few years now, La Cabra has become a name I’m pretty familiar with. It’s like a piece of home followed me around, especially when I visited their coffee shops in Bangkok and NYC. There’s a ton I could say about this roaster, but I’ll keep it short here. I might just save the full scoop for another article about Aarhus, or maybe give La Cabra its own feature – so stay tuned! Without including La Cabra, this article would have been called “Best Specialty Coffee in Bushwick” but I just had to mention them as well.

La Cabra’s really made a name for itself with its simple, Nordic approach to coffee. Think flavorful, crisp, and bright roasts. Their motto is ‘Brighter is Better,’ and they totally deliver. The coffee is just that – clean, light, and super bright. It’s a caffeine lover’s dream. If you’re into design, you’re in for a treat. Their spaces are a masterclass in Nordic aesthetics, complete with pottery from the Danish studio KH Würtz. It’s like a little slice of Scandinavia right in the heart of NYC.

La Cabra Soho

Back in 2021, they launched their bakery and coffee shop on 2nd Avenue, where they serve not just their signature coffee but also a selection of freshly baked goods. It’s a perfect marriage of the art of coffee brewing and the craft of baking. Shortly after their debut on 2nd Avenue, Esben Piper, the founder, decided to make NYC his long-term base. Following this move, they expanded their presence by opening another coffee shop in Soho and began roasting their beans locally in Bushwick.

La Cabra Bakery

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