Principles GI Coffee House

In the of Brooklyn’s Ninth Street area, straddling Park Slope and Gowanus, Principles GI Coffee Shop stands as a unique destination for the best specialty coffee in NYC. This rather industrial part of Brooklyn is a melting pot for creative souls like artists, poets, artisans, those with creative careers, and everyday workers. Definitely not a typical place to find a specialty coffee shop.

Principles is a testament to the vision of its owner, Katie Bishop, a 33-year-old former Marine and bassoonist. The coffee shop embodies an idealistic goal: to serve as a social hub that fosters community engagement and lively exchanges of ideas.

The shop’s got this vibe that harks back to those rad antiwar coffeehouses of the 60s. Imagine spots where soldiers during the Vietnam War could kick back and get into some deep conversations. That’s the kind of openness and activism Katie’s infused into her place. Katie hustled to get Principles GI going – crowdfunding, borrowing from friends, and scoring an interest-free loan. The space itself? It’s big, artsy, and has a bit of a found-object flair, with furniture from here and there, even some cool pieces from a local woodworker.

Beyond the inspiring story of Principles, Katie offers an impressive range of coffee beans sourced from various local roasters. During my visit, I noticed she featured beans from Passenger Coffee, a roaster from Lancaster, PA. They’re known for their innovative technique of freezing green beans and roasting them at their peak. But I’ll write more about Passenger in a separate article!

Principles GI Coffee House Brooklyn

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