Roasted at origin

Lanny Jaya, Papua

This high-altitude washed coffee is one of the finest beans in our upcoming coffee lineup. Grown at 2100 masl in a secluded Papuan side of Indonesia, you can look forward to some really clean a floral notes.

Tamarind, Honey Suckle, Caramel, Floral Finish.

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— 250g

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Roasted at origin

All our coffees are roasted by a specialty coffee roaster in the country of origin, ensuring peak freshness, outstanding quality control thanks to the short distance from farm to roastery and roasted by some of the best coffee roasters in the world.

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Lanny Jaya


🇮🇩 Indonesia


Moses Jigibalom


2100 masl

About the producer

Moses Jigibalom's journey back to his roots in the mountains of Lanny Jaya, Papua, started when his father gave him a call, stirring up feelings of responsibility and family ties. Heading back to his family's coffee farm, Moses set out to bring back the fading tradition of coffee farming and help boost the local economy. Through teaching and lending a hand, he turned Tiom coffee into a highly valued product, selling at prices three times higher than the market average. Moses didn't stop at farming; he also learned about processing and even opened a cozy coffee spot in Tiom's market, where people fell in love with his Arabica brews.

Hidden Treasure in the Jungle

Planted in the middle of lush jungle at 2100 above sea level, lies a treasure trove of a single origin arabica coffee unlike any other. Papuan Coffee is planted in a unique geographical setting within dense forest, creating a distinctive flavor character to the coffee.

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