Roasted at origin
Washed & Yeast fermented

Sindoro, Temanggung

This coffee will absolutely blow away your taste buds with its floral and fruity cup profile. You will easily get the prominent notes of lavender, both in aroma and flavor. Followed by crisp acidity, and high levels of sweetness. No doubt, it is definitely heaven in the cup.

Lavender, violet, orange, peach.

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— 250g

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Roasted at origin

All our coffees are roasted by a specialty coffee roaster in the country of origin, ensuring peak freshness, outstanding quality control thanks to the short distance from farm to roastery and roasted by some of the best coffee roasters in the world.

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Washed & Yeast fermented




🇮🇩 Indonesia


Reza JB Coffee


1300 - 1450 masl

About the producer

This beautiful coffee is processed by Reza Nurullah, who has a passion and curiosity for various coffee processing methods. With experimental yet careful post-harvest processing, and yeast combinations while fermentation, this coffee can have an acidity, texture, and flavor that tastes like world-champion coffee. The experimental process of fermentation and a combination of three brewer’s yeast to treat its flavors and release unique metabolites that affect the distinctive characteristics of this coffee. Different yeasts create varied flavors when reacting with the cherries' sugars.

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