What is a roasted at origin coffee?

Roasted-at-origin is an exciting new term that many coffee enthusiasts might not be so familiar with just yet. Let’s dive into what roasted-at-origin means and all the values it comes with.

At beean, when we talk about roasted-at-origin coffee, we’re referring to coffee that’s grown and roasted within the same country.

Now, it’s essential to clarify that this doesn’t necessarily mean the coffee is roasted right there on the farm itself. Instead, it’s all about a beautiful collaboration between top-tier coffee farms and specialty coffee roasters.

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Roasted-at-origin coffee is freshly harvested

Unlike conventional coffee beans that may spend weeks or even months in transit and storage before reaching consumers, roasted-at-origin coffees are roasted shortly after harvesting.

This immediate roasting preserves the beans’ freshness and flavor, locking in the unique characteristics imparted by the local terroir. From the moment they’re roasted, these beans are on a mission to deliver peak freshness to your cup.

Roasted-at-origin coffees typically have shorter supply chains compared to their counterparts. With fewer steps between the farm and the roastery, there’s less opportunity for the beans to lose their freshness along the way. By minimizing transportation distances and reducing storage time, these coffees arrive at your doorstep with their flavors intact and their aromas at their most vibrant.

You get only the highest quality beans

With roasted-at-origin coffees, specialty coffee roasters have greater control and oversight throughout the entire production process.

From selecting the finest green beans to monitoring roasting profiles, every step is carefully managed to maintain quality standards. This direct involvement allows roasters to intervene as needed, ensuring that only the highest quality beans make it into your bag of coffee.

By world-class roasters

Coffee roasting is an art form that transcends borders and cultures. At beean, we exclusively work with specialty coffee roasters that produce strictly the best coffees in their country. Many of them have long experience roasting coffee many times from abroad.

Inspired by our hometown, Aarhus, Denmark and Nordic roasting style, we take pride in our exclusive partnerships with roasters who are fluent in the art of light-roasting. We are so excited for our first origin country to be Indonesia which has been recently making its name in the world of specialty coffee and is home to some world-class specialty coffee. More countries will follow!

Roasted-at-origin coffee is fair for local economies

All our coffees involve direct trade relationships between coffee roasters and farmers.

By bypassing intermediaries, farmers receive fairer compensation for their hard work. This direct connection ensures that more of the profits from coffee sales stay within the local community, empowering farmers to invest in their livelihoods and communities.

When coffee is roasted at its origin, it creates employment opportunities within the local community. From farm laborers to processing workers and roasters, each step of the coffee production process generates jobs and income for people living in coffee-growing regions. This infusion of economic activity helps to improve living standards and support local businesses, creating a ripple effect of prosperity.

You empower people at the origin

Your purchase of roasted-at-origin coffees fosters strong, resilient communities built on collaboration, trust, and mutual support.

Specialty coffee roasters often establish direct trade relationships with coffee farmers and cooperatives, forging deep connections that transcend traditional buyer-seller dynamics.

These relationships create opportunities for knowledge-sharing, skill-building, and cultural exchange, strengthening social bonds and fostering a sense of belonging within coffee-growing communities.

Roasted-at-origin coffees empower coffee-producing communities to take control of their own destinies. By building strong, transparent relationships with roasters and consumers, coffee farmers gain a greater voice in the global coffee market. They are better positioned to advocate for their rights, access resources for sustainable development, and build resilient, self-sustaining communities.

Sustainable and traceable

Our coffee roasters who source roasted-at-origin always prioritize quality and sustainability.

They work closely with farmers to ensure that coffee is grown using environmentally friendly practices and that farmers receive fair wages for their labor. This commitment to quality and sustainability not only benefits the local environment but also ensures the long-term viability of coffee production in the region.

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