SEY Coffee

SEY is “YES” spelled backwards.

Without a doubt SEY is among NYC’s best specialty coffee destinations. Even before heading to New York City, I gathered recommendations from several coffee enthusiasts, and SEY Coffee was a recurring suggestion. Their Bushwick location offers a unique ambiance, characterized by a blend of natural elements like wood, glass, and concrete, all complemented by an array of plants.

This design choice creates an atmosphere that’s both inviting and reflective of their coffee’s clean and vibrant profile. Adding to this unique ambiance is a glass wall in the back, separating the café area from their roastery. This feature allows you to watch the roasters at work, adding a dynamic and interactive element to your coffee experience.

The story behind Sey Coffee is just as intriguing as their brews. The duo behind it all, Tobin Polk and Lance Schnorenberg, kicked off their roasting adventure back in 2011, tucked away in a fourth-floor loft just around the corner from their current spot. However, it was in 2014, after fine-tuning their craft under the watchful eye of Joanna Alm from Drop Coffee in Stockholm, that they really hit their stride. Back then, operating as Lofted Coffee, they quickly became a kind of underground sensation – the kind of coffee gem that you’d feel lucky to discover or go out of your way to find.

And there’s more to Sey’s charm. They’ve adopted this cool European twist by running a gratuity-free model. It’s all about the coffee and the service, no tips expected. This isn’t something you see a lot in New York, and it really adds to the whole experience. It’s like a little slice of Scandinavian coffee culture right in the middle of Bushwick, offering a delightful getaway for anyone eager to immerse themselves in a uniquely European coffee experience.

Sey focuses exclusively on washed coffees, chosen for their clarity and pure flavors. Rather than the typical pour-over methods such as V60 or Kalita, they prefer using the Aeropress. This method ensures that each cup full-bodied and juicy. Their commitment to the Nordic style of roasting highlights the beans’ delicate nuances, setting their coffee apart.

On my visit to Sey, the menu featured three of their seasonal coffees: Colombia, Burundi, and Kenya. I opted for the Colombia, drawn to its tropical and bright notes, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of their selections.

SEY Coffee Bushwick

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